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Welcome to the World gift boxes

After having my little boy in 2016 and putting my profession as a primary school teacher on hold, I dedicated all my time to making the most out of his early years.

As a young, first time mother, I received many gifts when Jacob was born. The most useful however, was given to me by a friend who was both a nurse and mother herself. She gave me a box. In it, was both practical and cuddly prezzies.

At the beginning of 2018, it seemed to be the year that all my friends were having babies. I was invited to several baby showers, but what do I take?

I wanted a box containing items that will be used more than once, were a reasonable price and that had both practicality and comfort in mind. After searching the internet, I was unable to find a box to fit this criteria. This is when the Totsbox was created.

The real challenge came when deciding which brands to use and who would want to be in our box. The idea of using other mums products was a huge must for me! Both my partner and I along with advice from other mums, came up with the best products to include in TotsBox. The baby record book is even written by one of our mums too!

Finally the summer of 2018 and the TotsBox is here! We cannot wait to share with you a box designed with every parent in mind.

I hope you love yours as much as I loved mine!


See an overview of each box below:

TotsBox Essential
This box contains 5 essentials for a new arrival. An incredibly soft dimple blanket, three muslin cloths,
a Childs Farm baby essentials gift set, a ‘dribble ons’ bib and a Nattou mini comforter.


TotsBox Classic
Containing all of ‘The Essentials one’ and more. This box also includes: a two piece nail kit, a soft bath book,
Harry and Rose bath mit and Stacey Kelly’s very special Baby Record Book.


TotsBox Premium
In addition to ‘The big one’, this box contains a gorgeous Harry and Rose hooded towel
along with your baby’s newest friend Piu Piu.